What if you lost all your… digital memories?

I’ve been thinking about a problem for a while that, without actually tormenting me, does worry me … a lot.

I have already spoken on other occasions about what I call “digital Alzheimer’s” and have even published possible solutions to avoid losing memories.

My friend (and partner) Victor advises me, after having experienced a fire in his parents’ home and having lost all family photos and memories, that I should not obsess over the subject but (without reaching the “insane point”) I keep thinking about the safest way possible to maintain backup photos and videos personal and family …

And the thing is, every day there are more “gigs and gigs” of multimedia content that we generate

  • Have your mobile in your pocket (always ready to immortalize the moment)
  • the abandonment of the reels that had to be taken (after going through the box) to reveal 😂
  • and the increasingly large size (although I am not fond of digital photography and the “raw” format, 4K is beginning to wreak havoc) of the files

they make space (limited and finite) a problem.

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I know that I can always use Google Photos (selling my soul to the “devil”) to have an immediate backup (but of low quality) even if in a while I pass a steamroller over my mobile when I go out on the street, but what about?how to back up quality photos “decent”?

My wife says that I dedicate myself (with the time of selection and preparation that this implies) to put them on paper But it’s not good for me either since the photo albums from when I was little are already yellowed at my parents’ house 😏

To date I had been recording photos and videos on an external drive (which I only turn on when I am going to dump them) 3.5 ″ and external power supply and making copies every so often (increasingly spaced with the consequent danger of loss)!on DVD! overlapping semesters (or years as the case may be) so that the same files were on 2 different DVDs in case one failed.

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The increase in size begins to make both the external hard drive and the use of DVDs impractical. Am I going to have to pass the Blu Ray to fit the copies? 😏

Another possibility is to use the Synology NAS but

  • after my brother’s experience losing the disks all at the same time (neither LVM nor milks, there was no way to recover the data)
  • the unreliability of physical storage media
  • how unsafe it is to have devices like this connected to the network (ransomware, hacks and possible loss of information, …)

I don’t want to make use of this medium (in addition to the cost of discs that do not guarantee the result, no matter how professional they are)

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Should I delegate the backups to the cloud (and not just the Google Photos I currently use, paying the cost of privacy and loss of quality)? At the time I have considered using Amazon S3 Glacier as an “inexpensive” means of having backup “packages” of my files.

Be that as it may, I don’t see it clearly and I was wondering what policies you follow to make your backup copies … anyway, among all of us, we found a satisfactory intermediate solution 👍 and / or we discovered that what we are doing is not as reliable as we want to think 😅


Reflection aloud on the fragility of the different media that I can think of to keep backup copies of priceless family and personal memories (for everything else “MasterCad”)

And you…

  • How you organize the backup of your memories?
  • Do you use the cloud or you keep them in local (exposed to fire, theft and flooding)?
  • What do you think would be most acceptable solution to this problem?

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