Watching TV on the video projector

android video projectorWhen considering the option of changing the Samsung television for a cannon that allows me to project a 115 ″ (or more 😉) screen, the need arose to resolve how to view the TV channels on the projector.

Although there are projectors that include a DVB-T antenna, their quality (half of them Chinese with an LED bulb) and their technical characteristics make me look for external alternatives even if they represent one more “junk” in the cabinet.

Although I could buy any DTT and, via HDMI, project on the video cannon, I would like to be able to cover other needs such as

With these requirements and for 25 cents each … tell me plausible solutions to the problems 😉

In the end the light bulb has lit up and I think I’m going to choose to buy an Android TV receiver (with at least 4 cores and a network card) that will allow me not only to install the codecs (as they appear on the market) thanks to Google Play but also to add the possibility of playing “On the big screen” to any game in the Android Market, does anyone beat that? Hahaha

As an example, it is the CS818II (it is only Dual Core) although I have to keep looking (any recommendation on your part?)


And you…

  • Have you ever considered the problem of watching TV on a projector?
  • What do you think of the solution to bet on Android?
  • Are you worried about obsolescence?
  • Would you share your experience with video projectors with us? (I’m still studying, I would appreciate any advice)

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