Viruses in Linux

It is not my intention to ramble once more about the existence or not of virus on Linux Well, that has already been said too much My goal is to alert the data protection risk what can be a bad Security management and incidentally laugh a while at the virus, which I have called “poor thing”, which insists infect my team “hiding” in me pendrive every time I am forced to “click” on one of the Windows computers that swarm in the Institute where I work.


I know that they have several antivirus installed on these computers and that they update with certain regularity but, as we all know, there is no good antivirus.

If you look at the selected files in the image it seems that it is a trojan (mainly because of the host.exe) but frankly, I have not bothered to find out which one it is because it is much more comfortable for me to select and delete them from my memory stick when I feel in my Xubuntu or in any of the Guadalinex from the center.

In case anyone is interested, the propagation procedure seems to be easily deduced by looking at the files it uses:

  1. when someone connects a memory device to the infected computer (pendrive, external hard drive, camera, …) it copies the three files of the image
  2. the autorun.inf copied to memory device is used to self-copy automatically when you click on a new Windows computer
  3. the copy.exe is to make sure it can self-copy to the new computer when autorun.inf is run
  4. the host.exe seems to be the way to access the infected computer if the author of it seems appropriate.

I hope that the firewall of ICT center is working well since if the father of the bug is interested it could be relatively easy to access sensitive information of the students with all that this entails 😦

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