Unmount multiple drives at once on Linux

nullHave you ever seen the need to unmount several drives on your computer (several pendrives, that external hard drive, a partition of the other operating system that you have mounted?

Have you had to do it one by one (arm yourself with patience)?

Would you like to be able to remove them all “at once”? (and I do not mean to simply unplug the pendrives and the external hd;))

Curiously the other day, while I was fixing the other Linux distribution that I have on my computer (currently Archlinux is the first), I started trying to launch a

umount / tmp / kk *

and what would not be my surprise when verifying that the different partitions that I had mounted in / tmp with names kk1, kk2,…, kkN they were disassembled without any problem (ok, ok: the names are not very appropriate but it is a hobby that I have because it is easy to write it :)).

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