Trick to create data areas quickly in OpenOffice Calc

nullIt’s funny: years using and teaching (at least I try to do it;)) the spreadsheet management from openOffice and one fine day, by chance, I discover a much faster way to do something that I usually do.

The stupid face that must have remained on me must have been terrifying but, being positive, I have learned to appreciate the solution (when compared with the time that it took me before) and, of that you can be sure, I will not use the solution again previous.

Create names easily

To assign a name to a specific area of ​​the spreadsheet, the easiest way is to select the cells that we are interested in making it up


and write directly the name that we want to give it in the name box


NOTE: Do not forget to press Enter after writing the name if you want it to be saved 🙂

Modify / Delete defined names

To do this, we must access the menu entry that has been used to date to create new names.


select the name to change and press the corresponding button



Quick trick that more than one could save you some work.

If anyone knows how to quickly remove defined names I would appreciate it as I hate having to go into menus (too many clicks for my tastes) if not necessary 😉

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