Tiny Core LiveUSB

pendrive with tiny core linux

I’ve always been drawn to thin clients as a way to take advantage of computers (which are no longer useful decades ago) that would otherwise be considered e-waste but can still be squeezed out.

For some time now I have been playing with XDMCP clients and, after several tests, I have opted for use the Tiny Core distribution since

  • occupies less than 20 megabytes (yes, you read that right… megabytes)
  • allows booting in less than 6 or 7 seconds even on magnetic disks

That is why and, as an “incoming” has chosen to leave this article here explaining how to install Tiny Core on a pendrive easily and without complications that I hope will serve as an incentive to investigate such a peculiar (and useful) distribution while allowing me to feel if you feel curiosity and interest in the proposal that I make to use XDMCP

Although it can be created writing the mbr on the pendrive and following a series of steps and some have even managed to do it using a virtual box and using the installer itself that TinyCore brings, the easiest way I have found to create a bootable pendrive is using Ventoy.

Tiny Core LiveUSB

From the terminal, we just have to launch a

sudo ventoy -i /dev/sdc

where / dev / sdc It is the path to the pendrive that we want to use.

Then we copy the ISO of Tiny Core directly to the pendrive

1620814703 235 Tiny Core LiveUSB

NOTE: As can be seen in the image, I have taken the opportunity to put Manjaro 20 to prove one thing 😉

And ready to go!

1620814703 508 Tiny Core LiveUSB


Small annotation that helps me to remember the easiest way to create a TinyCore bootable pendrive and that I hope will serve to open the “debate” on the use of XDMCP to take advantage of obsolete equipment avoiding the generation of electronic waste unnecessarily

And you…

  • Did you know Tiny Core?
  • Have you used XDMCP in any project or test?
  • Do you find the proposal for reuse old computers?

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