Timing Ubuntu Linux Boot

Timing Ubuntu Linux BootFor a while now I have been receiving inquiries from classmates that after upgrading your system to Ubuntu 8.04 they come noticedo that the team them takes longer normal to start.

Intrigued by this strange coincidence (at first when they told me about it, I didn’t give it too much importance … now there are already several people who have told me about it) I have decided to investigate the subject and to start nothing better than to offer a tool that allows to know How long it takes Really in loading the operating system and in what is invested that time.

Anyto be interested in the subject you are invited to participate; To do this, you just have to follow the instructions in this post and, if it is not too much trouble, send the results through a comment on this post.

Install Bootchart

The tool we will use to monitor computer startup it is Bootchart and its installation is really simple: just run from the terminal (or search in Synaptic) the next

sudo apt-get install bootchart

After a few seconds it will be installed on our computer.

Every time we reboot the team will save an image on / var / log / bootchart. This is the image what can you send me (if you want to collaborate in the experiment).

Deactivate the service

When you finish to do the experiments I recommend stopping the service in order to avoid a overload unnecessary at the beginning of your system (I do not think it varies too much in the short term unless you install a large number of services) for this it is enough with run from the terminal

sudo update-rc.d -f stop-bootchart remove

Although if you do not plan to make measurements again you can remove it directly since Synaptic or launch a

sudo apt-get remove bootchart

Activate the service

Yes you still have installed Bootchart in your team and do you want to make a new measurement after installing some programs or activate services, the way to do it is throw from terminal a

sudo update-rc.d stop-bootchart start 99 2 3 4 5.

and new images will reappear in / var / log / bootchart


With this tool we have a objective way from measure the weather what takes start up our dear GNU / Linux (in my case it does not arrive at the minute by little although my laptop already has its years).

I hope you are encouraged to collaborate (to be able to send me the photos, you’d better upload them to some free service like Imageshack and include the url in the comment)

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