The importance of a good… translation [Opinión]

data to take into account when translating a websiteRecently an acquaintance asked my opinion about how to carry out the translation of your company’s website.

Fortunately, and despite the times, the business has done well thanks to the opening beyond our borders.

Due to this internationalization, it was necessary to port its contents to several languages ​​and did not know how to approach it correctly.

Regardless of the technical aspects (we had already planned those and the web was developed considering this possibility from the beginning) he wondered if he should continue using Google Translate and the rudimentary knowledge that his commercial has (to sell he has to be understood;)) Or use a trusted and / or known translator.

Regardless of meeting some good translators (not counting my wife who even She is a sworn translator) that could get “pissed off” for not having worked for them, I chose to recommend a specialized translation company for various reasons, but especially I took into account:

  • The translations with software such as Google Translate or Babylon (to mention a couple of them) are usually useful for very specific cases and single sentences in which you try to get the general idea. I consider a complete error the web whose content is translated directly with these tools. The idea is: “cheap is expensive” and the image of a company cannot be subordinated to something so unreliable. As I once heard from a manager: “in business it is better to smell shit than poor” and, as much as it weighs me, I’m going to have to agree with him.
  • They usually have native translators that they know perfectly the twists and turns of their mother tongue and are the ones who can best adapt them or find the one that most closely matches them; If Spanish speakers from different countries (Spain and South America) may not understand each other (at first it was difficult for me to familiarize myself with certain turns used in Argentina or Colombia to give two examples) for English, German or French directly it does not make sense.
  • It’s not so expensive as it might seem. Translation websites usually have tools that allow calculate the cost of work before giving our agreement. They are usually based on the number of words and apply some other correction factor depending on parameters such as the complexity of the source or destination language or how technical the text may become (to put a couple of examples that come to mind head)
  • By having different professionals (and not only the daughter who studied the philosophy of our padel colleague) there is always the possibility of applying revisions to the work carried out in order to guarantee its quality and / or solve the difficulties that the text could pose.


In short: personally I always recommend commissioning this type of work to professionals since I consider that the image of a company (with an international vocation) must be exquisite and take maximum care of even the smallest detail.

And you…?

  1. Have you seen the need to translate a website into other languages?
  2. What solution did you adopt?
  3. What advice would you give to a first-time taker?
  4. Are you from Google Translate or from the neighbor on the corner?

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