The best #DNS in your area

Although you already know that I tend to cache DNS connections to achieve a best response time in my connections Web Well, even though it may not seem like it, having to resolve domain names is an extremely important operation and in which, no matter how fast our Internet connection is and our latency time is very low, we lose a few precious milliseconds that can do seem slow our connection.

Determined to further improve these results and out of curiosity, I set out to find the fastest DNS server for my connection and, instead of choosing to ping the best known ones (Google DNS, openDNS, Norton ConnectSafe, IBM Quad9, …) or catch the first to be recommended on the Internet for this year I decided to use a tool to check DNS response times in Linux (here DNS benchmark) …

There are a multitude of tools recommended in the Web to benchmark DNS but most of them do not have a version for Linux. In the Manjaro repositories I have not found any except namebench

  • simple to install
  • easy to use
  • with option to be used from the command line (although you will usually use its graphical interface)

It is not the most beautiful in the world but:

  • has an extensive list of servers (which are continually updated)
  • use threads to try to reduce execution times

After installing it and giving it time to do the relevant tests (be patient because it is not particularly fast despite using different threads)

namebench dns

I have obtained that, for my geographical location, the servers that I had configured to date are the fastest, so I will gain little except the peace of mind of knowing that my connection was optimized 😉

dns benchmark

If you get better results than you currently have, feel free to put them directly on your router’s DHCP server so that all home devices (including family phones and tablets) can use them transparently and with zero effort. for your part.


Useful tool for identify the most efficient and fastest DNS servers depending on the location of your home that I hope you find useful.

And you…

  • Do you usually optimize DNS servers what do you use
  • What DNS servers are the faster in your area?
  • Do you know any tool to make DNS benchmark alternative to Namebench?

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