Suizer, time bank at the price of laughter

how to sell products and services on the webWhat the time is gold It is something that all of us, in one way or another, are convinced of it. The day has 24 hours and you can’t stretch more than that limit … sure? Something may have been invented to get extra time and that is precisely what I want to offer you in this article 😉

You need layout the last Article what are you going to publish and you don’t have time to do it?

Would you like someone to find you the best tire offer and give you the list of best places to shareonline without lifting a finger?

How much is it worth to have someone to do the work for you and buy extra time off the clock?

What is is an online market where you can buy or sell services for 5, 10, 20, 40, 60, 100, 150 or 300 euros. In its portal you will find from fun things to very professional people who do jobs for this price. For example graphic design experts, experts in Social Networks, athletes, travelers, investors, etc. The best thing about is that you can sell your services in less than 1 minute.

What’s more It is intended for social networks. It integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, Tuenti, etc. so that you can share your offers with your friends with a single click, and thus have a greater number of sales within

Payments are 100% secured thanks to the PayPal platform. They manage the euros and prevent Suizer from keeping any user information, credit or debit card numbers or private information. Total trust for users.

What makes it different?

There are several services of this type that exist in the market (MyntMarket, Gigs, …), why one more?

Mainly there are two advantages it offers

  1. Suizer has no minimumin order to can withdraw the balance to your PayPal account. The minimum is € 4, which is the cheapest job price we have. You will not have to accumulate jobs again to be able to get paid for the first time: work that you sell, work that you receive. Without the risks of doing work that you will not get paid by not selling enough to reach the minimum set.
  2. Opportunities increase Even if you already use any of the existing platforms, are you going to lose the opportunity to sell to the users of this new collaborative network? The more windows in which to offer your services, the greater the chances that they will contact you, don’t you think?

Conclution, a website that will give a lot to talk about where you can buy and sell services at very interesting prices and where you will charge up to the last euro you earn with your effort.

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