#SSH Too Many Authentication Failures [SOLVED]

ssh connection problem

For some time now I have been suffering problems when trying to connect by SSH to the different remote computers that I have regardless of the port and address of the computer to which I want to connect (being on the LAN or on any Internet server ends with the same result)

ssh error

At first, I solved it by searching the internet and adding the parameter -o IdentitiesOnly = yes

ssh keys

but since my memory is “fragile” and I don’t have to be typing more than necessary (especially when I can’t find it in the history of the command terminal) I decided to give a definitive and permanent solution to the error SSH Too Many Authentication Failures 😉

And is that the problem occurs because, by default, the SSH client tries with all the keys known by the ssh-agent every time we try to connect to a remote server which, apart from being inefficient, I find it somewhat insecure and unnecessary.

To avoid this, we can add to the file $ HOME /.ssh / config (if you don’t have this file, create it without problems) the following content

Host *

IdentitiesOnly = yes

And voila, you can connect without having to put the parameter indicated as “if nothing” had happened 😉

ssh ports


Change in the default SSH configuration that prevents the client from trying the different SSH keys in their connections to remote computers, which I hope will be useful to avoid having to remember one more parameter 😅

And you…

  • Have you come to this article looking for a solution to SSH problem?
  • Did you use the parameter IdentitiesOnly or did you know about this configuration option?
  • Do you know another way to solve the problem SSH Too Many Authentication Failures?

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