Share YouTube playlist with other artists

manage youtube channel between several users

Since the friend Rafa Mar delights us (among other things) with his articles on video editing, we have had the need to share Youtube channel from the Guard Computer (sounds bigger than it really is 😅) so that I can upload explanations that would otherwise be endless (and insufferable on your part).

As the solution I will end up taking advantage of it to allow my students increase the videos that they are developing within the content block multimedia I have chosen to publish it here in case someone finds it of interest and / or usefulness

To share a channel we must to access with our user on Youtube and select the playlist from our library that we want to share with other people.

create youtube playlist

We access your configuration

set up youtube channel easily

And in “Collaborate with other artists” we activate the option “Collaborators can add videos to this playlist”

share youtube channel with other users

With which we will obtain a link ready to be sent to all those people with whom we are going to work.

Simple, right?


Simple way to allow other users to upload videos to any of our YouTube channels.

And you…

  • Have you shared a video channel with other colleagues?
  • Do you use this option or add administrators to a company channel?
  • Can you tell us about your experience sharing company channels?

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