Shade any object with Gimp

add shadows with gimpDo you need to highlight an object against the background of an image?

Do you want to apply a shadow to any element of your composition?

The technique that I am going to describe I usually use when creating the icons that illustrate the blog articles and, I use it so much that I had never thought it necessary to document it. So when a friend asked me how I did it, I was surprised I hadn’t done it sooner.


It is a very simple technique that works with any image that contains transparency.

add transparency to image

In the layers dialog choose the option Alpha to Selection so that the outline of the object that we want to highlight will be selected

select image

Now you just have to open the shadow filter to place it to your liking

add shadow image


Yes not it’s found activate the option Alpha to Selection The image may not have an alpha channel; to activate it you just have to use the following option in the layers dialog

add transparency to image

If the image does not have transparencies you will have to eliminate (with patience and the selection tools) everything that is “left over” around the object to which we want to add shadow; If we do not do this, the entire image will be selected instead of the outline.


Simple trick that will allow you to give volume to your images helping you to highlight certain elements of your compositions.

And you, did you know this trick?

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