Secure key generator

Secure key generatorOn some other occasion we have talked about security:

On this occasion I would like to offer you alternatives to create keys decent.

For this we will focus both on online tools as in your own terminal from Linux leaving for future posts the possibility of using screenlets that they do the same work (after all, they do a job similar to the technique that we will explain to generate a key from the terminal and then show it in the desk )

On Internet you can find each other tools that allow you generate easily a password; some of the ones I used to use are:

Both are very configurable and can be useful to you.

From the terminal just launch the following command

head -c8 / dev / random | uuencode -m – | sed -n ‘2s / = * $ //; 2p’

The only downside to the previous methods is the difficulty to remember the generated keys but you can always use a key manager (nothing to write them down in notebooks or on post-its stuck to the monitor 😉)

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