Run away from 3TB records like the plague

warning hard drivesThinking of buying a new hard drive?

Today, the most interesting capacity / price alternatives (unless you don’t mind having a small “disk cabinet” mounted next to the computer) range from 3 TB to 4 TB.

Tempted to buy a 3TB one?Think about it well! 😉

Read recently on LifeHacker that the boys from the service BackBlaze online backups had evaluated (and published) their ¡41,213 hard drives! and they had come to the conclusion that the 3TB ones were more prone to errors than the 4TB ones (especially in the well-known and valued Seagate … I think I’ll change my mind once I have seen the data)

hard drive failures comparison

Positions to choose that it is a HGST (Hitachi) hard drive, don’t you think? (Now you understand why they are somewhat more expensive right?)


Comparison, based on the experience of a company dedicated to data storage (and therefore with a large number of devices) that I hope will help you not only choose the capacity of your future hard drive but also the manufacturer 😉

And you…

  • What brand are your hard drives usually?
  • Were you surprised by the results?
  • Have you noticed the aforementioned 3TB hard drive failure trend?
  • What do you think of the comparison?

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