Root permissions on #Guadalinex Next / Slim

Curiously, the other day, my friend Eloy (ICT coordinator of a school in Malaga) asked me through the blog contact how I could do to achieve administrator permissions in Guadalinex Well, I had been following the instructions in the article I published in 2010 on how to install programs on TIC 2.0 laptops and had had problems with Guadalinex Slim.

The interesting or curious thing about the subject is that my brother (who lately is embracing the “true religion” and being a strong defender of the software born For Apple, he is mounting custom versions of Linux in its center and eradicating the “stinking windows”) that afternoon he had called me precisely on the same topic.

As the be able to hack Guadalinex and, as long as I do not decide to publish the beta of the Sapper … I have encouraged myself to write another form of achieve administrator permissions in Guadalinex Simpler if possible than the previous ones and compatible with the new Next and Slim versions 👍

The process is practically the same, but the big difference is that we will create the user graphically now that Guadalinex allows it to be done.

In Guadalinex Next

For this we will go to the Control Center (with direct access from the Guadalinex shutdown button) and create the user we want give administration permissions

guadalinex centroControl

since we are here (and to simplify the process) we can note in which partition Guadalinex is located by opening a terminal (CTRL + ALT + T) and launching the command

mount | grep /dev/sd

NOTE: the grep / dev / sd not really necessary but it simplifies locating the root partition (/)

guadalinex mount

Once this is done, you can turn off the computer and boot with a liveUSB.

With the liveUSB

We start with a “trusted” liveUSB (I always carry a 32-bit ArchBang pendrive that is quick to start and works well no matter how few resources the computer you use it has) on the computer whose Guadalinex we want to hack.

We open a terminal and:

  1. we create a directory where to mount the Guadalinex partition (in my case / tmp / kk)
  2. We ride the root partition of Guadalinex that we obtained in the previous block (in the example screenshot you will see that it was / dev / sda1) with a sudo mount / dev / sda1 / tmp / kk (update partition / dev / sda1 if it doesn’t match your team)
  3. Y we make a chroot on the directory that we have created with a sudo chroot / tmp / kk

You can see all this summarized in the following screenshot

Root permissions on Guadalinex Next Slim

NOTE: Although an error is observed in the capture, do not worry, it usually happens because the user or group identifier rarely matches between the liveUSB and the Guadalinex 😉

Now we only have to launch a


and add (I have chosen to place it under the root) a line similar to the one seen in the capture

gualinex chroot

NOTE: note that I have used teacher because it is the user who believes in Guadalinex, update it with yours.

Now you just have to leave the chroot with a exit (or a CTRL + D if you don’t want to write) and unmount the Guadalinex root partition with a

sudo umount /tmp/kk

Mission accomplished! Now you just have to turn off the liveUSB and go back to Guadalinex in order to to enjoy of all the administration permissions what were you craving 😉

Returning to Guadalinex

Once the “hacking” is done, we can start the computer normally and enter with our new user that we just entered. grant administration permissions in Guadalinex)

guadalinex visudo

As an example and how to check if we really have administrator permissions in Guadalinex, we just have to launch a

sudo visudo

in Guadalinex (as we did in liveUSB) so that, if you let us edit the content of sweats He is going to leave us whatever we want and, if it gives us problems, it is that we have not done something as we should (so it is already taking time to leave a comment on this post so that we can help you solve it and learn all from step 😉)


New form that I hope will be useful and simpler than the one we published back in September 2010 for obtain administration permissions in Guadalinex.

And you…

  • Did you know this way of “hack” a team?
  • Has it been useful to you?
  • Have you used the 2010 article previously?
  • Do you know an easier way to hack Guadalinex?
  • Would you dare to try the Sapper?

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