Retrieve the ‘quick links’ from #GMail

Retrieve the quick links from GMail

Now that I have no choice but to return to the fold of GMail (after many years using Google Inbox) I observe that the fast searches that Google’s mail had in its “Google labs” have ceased to exist (they disappeared around the 24 / mar / 2017) and that allowed us to have (in a single site and at one click) the most common searches in our inbox.

Fortunately, after searching and testing some of the Chrome extensions, I find a quite acceptable solution that I hope will be useful to those who, like me, miss the original solution …

It will be enough to install in your browser the GMail Quick Links extension for, from that moment (and after updating GMail) to have the possibility of quick access to the most common searches

accesos directos gmail

All you have to do is do a search in your email inbox

busqueda gmail

and click on the link “Add Quick Link”

quick links gmail

You just have to give it a name that is meaningful and short (to find it soon)

filtros gmail

and ready.

From now on you can search your emails quickly and easily.


Complement that allows us to recover the lost functionality of the Quick Links in GMail.

And you…

  • Did you miss Google Quick Links?
  • Have a lot of searches that you use over and over with your inbox?
  • Do you know another similar extension?

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