resize online toolThe other day I was entangling in one of the teams in the center and I needed to cut out some images; unfortunately I didn’t have ImageMagick so I had to “improvise” 😉

As I did not have permissions to install anything (I hate you Guadalinex!) And not I wanted I had time to “root” the computer. I chose to look for a website to resize images on-line; I liked it and here I leave it in case you see (or I see myself) in the same situation.

This online tool allows you to resize images in various common sizes, or with the dimensions that you indicate.
You can do it with 20 images in one go, which is an advantage over some online programs and tools.

You also have the option of creating the thumbnails of the images that we pass to you, which will serve us for our image galleries or previews.

In short, if you need to change the size of a batch of images and you cannot / have programs on your computer, it is a more than convenient solution.