Remove “stuck” pendrive

There are times when, even though we have all the windows closed, the pendrive refuses to be removed from our computer (the poor man takes affection and does not want to be separated from him 😉)

Although it is not usually usual, in the ICT center where I work, with the dear Guadalinex that I “enjoy” every day is almost something common and I have been forced to find a solution to the problem 😦

Fortunately, with a simple instruction in the terminal it is easy to solve so I recommend you continue reading if you have ever found yourself in this situation …

The first thing is to discover the directory in which our pen drive and for this it is best to use the command


and locate the entry corresponding to the memory stick (usually it is of the type / dev / sdb1 but the concrete value will depend on your linux distribution and of the hard drives installed in your computer)

Once located, just run a

fuser -v / dev / sdb1

to get the Process PID (Suppose it returns the 24507) that has the device hijacked.

With that value we execute a simple

kill -9 24507

thanks to which he will die process that has kidnapped the pendrive and we can disassemble it without problems.

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