Prevent the laptop from hanging when closing the lid

Prevent the laptop from hanging when closing the lidI keep fighting to get the new computer in the family to behave properly but, of all that remains to be polished, one of the things that bothered me the most was my mania for stay hung every time I gave to close it; Once he did, there was no way to get it to activate no matter how much he pressed keys like crazy or moved the mouse from one side to the other (the touchpad I don’t even try because I have it disabled as it doesn’t work too well either … I’ll tell you that another day when I have it fixed;))

With how beautiful it is when when you open the lid I greet you asking the password of the user who has the session open and the anger that I have gotten every time that by inertia when I get up I have closed accidentally having to give it a button to turn it off 😦

Luckily I have found the solution that, as always, I choose to share it in case someone has the same problem

Diving on the Internet

I have found everything:

but none have helped me to solve it 😦

Simple solution

And it is that sometimes it is simpler than it seems, in my case it has been enough with check what i have installed gnome-power-manager and launch a


to change the default setting to what can be seen in the image


so that the screen goes dark when you close the laptop lid.


Regardless of which I will have to investigate how to fix the problem with hibernation and suspend mode in Ubuntu, with this solution I manage to prevent the equipment I got caught every time, by forgetfulness, I close the lid of the computer.

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