Optimize monotonous administrative processes

Optimize monotonous administrative processesThis morning I have stayed Really frightened when I found out how they process the forms from destination request on the Andalusian Ministry of Education.

Although for some time now I have been avoiding writing personal opinions (if you like them, you just have to say it in the comments and I include you from time to time…. I promise not to tire of them 😉) and I am focusing on “recipes”Or tokens for solving common problems, I was so surprised that I can’t help but comment on it.

Every year deadlines are opened to request destinations to different groups: interim, destiny expectation, provisional, elementary teachers, high school teachers, vacancies, etc. and I have always considered it a real punishment to have to manually fill in the eighty (80) or three hundred (300) codes, depending on the case, that indicate the center or the town to which you want to access.

It is worth that for some time now the possibility of filling them has been enabled through a form and send them without having to go through the window if you have digital certificate but

  • not everyone trusts this way of doing it (I have heard some, in several counseling, comment that as the paper at the window with your check-in there’s nothing 😦)
  • nor does it have a digital certificate (due to the little use that it can usually be used for).

Well, the fact is that while I was filling out a form at one of the tables that is enabled for it, I hear a group chatting about the problems that they were giving them some requests to introduce them in the system.

What to avoid must copy codes manually I had one of the papers generated by the web that I have commented on and I wanted to attach it to the annexed that they deliver to you at the window, I opted to ask them if the format worked (unlike the counter, the numbers were not contained in boxes and I didn’t know if they could be read correctly).


What was my surprise when They told me that the requests WERE HAND CHOPPED one by one (like the bonito from the north that is fished with an angling like a lifetime) and that they preferred the window format because, “if the handwriting is pretty”, it looks much better.

After thanking them for their advice and, without being able to avoid a cold sweat that ran all over my back (despite the 38ºC in August) I handed the paper over to the window and ran home but… I couldn’t stop thinking about it to the subject while driving.

  • ¿it’s possible that at this point in the film is still being done in this way?
  • ¿No one has suggested to Counseling the use of character recognition software?
  • Yes for me putting 80 codes is a punishment… What does it mean for these keyboard operators to have to spend the whole year entering n-thousands of forms?

It really seems insane to me to continue doing things like when the administrators wore sleeves and used Accounting books in paper format.


  • what scan the forms require from workforce Y what errors may occur but most likely, the effort required to correct them is significantly less than having to chop everything by hand.
  • that in this way work is guaranteed to the keyboard operators but does no one watch over the health of your eyesso there are no others more creative activities and less monotonous that they can perform, thus avoiding the apathy or the depression?

Anyway, I imagine that mine is rather professional deformation and a compulsive attempt to automate all those mechanical tasks with which I come across and consider susceptible to be optimized.

It may be too “lazy” or “restless” for work of this type but … Do you really consider it necessary?

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