Install SuperGrub on a pendrive

Install SuperGrub on a pendriveIn a previous article we talked about the benefits of SuperGrub when it comes to recovering the bootloader when our team it hangs and refuses to start.

How to burn a cdrom for less than 400 kBs seems like a waste to me, I’ll tell you how install it in any pendrive that we have, thus being able to have a really valuable tool in a time of need.

Also the pendrive we can continue using it as before, the only thing that will vary is that it will become a bootable pendrive with a folder of few kBs occupied by Supergrub.

The steps to follow are simple:

  1. Download the latest version of SuperGrub for USB in .tar.gz format (forget about .iso)
  2. Unzip it in the pendrive.
  3. administradorarchivosthve3

  4. Get the path to the pendrive. terminalobtenerdirectorkj2
    Notice that in the command grep I have put the same name as the folder of the pendrive (DISK_IMG) that we had in step 2.
  5. We run grub as root.

    sudo grub

  6. We launched a

    device (hd3) / dev / sdb

    EYE I have used / dev / sdb (without the 1) because in step 3 I got / dev / sdb1 as the path to the flash drive. In your case, use the information you obtain

  7. We wrote

    root (hd3,0)

  8. Finally

    setup (hd3)

  9. And we end up writing


Well, you already have your memory stick ready to solve any problem with the boot; if you want to try it you have two alternatives

  • Puncture and restart the computer
  • Use qemu to simulate computer restart 😉

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