Install programs in Linux without an internet connection

Install programs in Linux without an internet connectionOnce you try the functioning from Synaptic and the easy it turns out to install programs with it it becomes difficult to understand how we could do it with it window: browse Internet until you find the program, download it, install it, and pray it doesn’t have virus or if it had to be ours antivirus was sufficiently up-to-date to detect it.

But there is a situation in which you lose many points and it is none other than when our team does not have an Internet connection

Fortunately, the team of Synaptic It has taken this into account and they offer us an alternative, which if it is not as comfortable as the previous one works perfectly well.

On our computer

To install programs in Ubuntu when we don’t have Internet connection we will proceed as usual:

  • search the programs that interest us and
  • to accept the dependencies

Once we have selected the programs that we want to install, instead of pressing the button Apply we will search the menu File the next option

script para instalar paquetes sin conexion internet

Y savewe are the .sh file (bash script) generated in any of our pendrives (you can also choose to send it to you by email)

At the neighbor’s house

With this file we go to a friend’s house (or public library) where we will execute.

They will automatically appear in the same directory as the pendrive Where is he script all the files that we need to install the programs.

Back home

We return home and with the next option of Synaptic


we select the directory of the pendrive where the files that we have downloaded from the Internet are located.

The system will automatically install all .deb that you find in the directory and our team will be ready to use these programs.

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