Install Linux without burning a cdrom

qemupendrivelogogz7Imagine what you want try a new distro, what are you doing?

  1. Download the iso from their website
  2. You burn a cdrom with her
  3. Restart the computer with the cdrom
  4. You proceed with the installation

That is assuming that you have not followed the advice we gave to try .iso without burning a cdrom 😉

This time I want to go a little further: install really the operating system on our hard drive to can compare its performance (on equal terms) with our Ubuntu and I do not want must burn ANOTHER cdrom that I will only use once and it will end up in the tub of CDs (with the rest) laughing and picking up dust in some corner of the house.

Fortunately tools exist to do it even in graphics mode.

I was evaluating the various alternatives that can be seen there

  • Copy the content of the iso in a partition
  • Install linux by network
  • Emulate and access the hard drive
  • Use a CD (or DVD) rewritable

Being in these it occurs to me that the most comfortable thing would be use anyto of the pendrives of 1GB (great size to fit a CD ROM) and that they give you as soon as you neglect 🙂

Doing the rigorous tests (similar to those necessary to install SuperGrub on a pendrive I run into the existence of UnetBootIn: tool, what no installation required (alone download the binary in order to linux and give execution permissions; make sure you have installed syslinux Y p7zip-full) and that not only automate the process required to make a pendrive bootable but also comes prepared to be able to use, as standard, a wide variety of distributions livecd (the program is expandable to other distributions gnu / linux using a system of plugins).


His driving is very easy (much more than doing it manually hehe) so I’m not going to go into details unless someone wants (via comment) additional explanations:

  1. Select the ISO of your distribution (it works even if there is no corresponding entry in the list of known distributions)
  2. Choose the route to pendrive on the bottom
  3. And wait for the content to dump

If you do not want must restart your computer to test what the program has done remember the tutorial test pendrive without restarting the computer

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