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improve internet salesThat the Internet is the “American dream” of those who want to do business, at this point in the film, it is no secret but it is also true that it is not enough to create a page with a shopping cart and hope to fill your pockets without the minimum effort overnight (whoever has tried it knows what I’m talking about right?)

I recently read a series of articles with advice on the aspects to take into account when setting up an Internet business (market niches, evaluation of the competition, business opportunities, factors to take into account, …) and I have decided to study them.

Come in and I’ll tell you what you should look at …

Although currently I am not dedicated to selling online (you never know if I will be forced to do it as it is “the patio”) if I have friends and acquaintances with businesses “online” so it never hurts to be informed Don’t you think?

As an example I will use the My Pebbles website (If someone does not want to follow the steps that I am going to describe and wants me to analyze yours, tell me, I am delighted to pass on “budget” 😛) whose business idea has been interesting to me and can give me a lot of play with the factors Let’s start to analize.


I do not want to spend a lot of time on this topic since we have already given positioning advice some time ago and there is a lot of information on the Internet about it.

In this article I don’t want to focus on the technical aspects; It is not that they do not matter (they are essential) but that I want to put the magnifying glass on those factors that will make a difference when it comes to being successful with our business.

What we sell

At this point, I am counting on that you have decided what you want to sell online but if not, I would recommend doing some Google Trends search to know what things Internet users usually look for

The “long tail”

The “long tail” or “long tail” is a term coined by Chris Anderson and is based on the pareto rule: 20% of products will generate 80% of sales (or, as I was taught: 80% of errors are generated by 20% of the source code 😉)

Although your main business is the sale of semi precious stones I do not recommend that you focus solely and exclusively on promoting said term when it comes to positioning: do not close the doors to people finding you in other ways.

If we look at the website of My Pebbles, have opened their hand to the term “unique gifts”And there is a lot of play there because who hasn’t known what to give away on more than one occasion?

favorable opinions and search terms


  • How can we take advantage of this opportunity?
  • How to get people to find us?

To know what people are looking for, Let’s go to Google Trends again and observe the section “Increasing inquiries”That offers 😉

words that interest powers

It seems that it is more difficult than it seems to give things to men or to choose a good birthday present, right?

Content is king

Google has been warning it eons and we come to ignore it

Now that we have discovered a possible “vein”, it is time to exploit it so that visits rain down and increase the chances of success and, of course, sales.

How do we do it? Well, easy, do not limit yourself to putting a “showcase” (it is possible that in price, depending on the niche you have chosen, you cannot compete)

  • provides added value (that your customers get the best out of their purchases, that they feel proud of owning it)
  • gain the trust of your visitors (advise and worry about the needs of your potential clients, they will give you clues that will help you improve and / or expand the business)
  • become a benchmark in the sector (show that you are the one who knows the most about your business)

And how do I accomplish all of this? The best thing is to provide your website with a blog where you publish quality articles on a frequent basis, providing new ideas for use, maintenance and tips for use, …

Friends of Pebbles have a blog but perhaps they should publish more articles (and of a greater extension) on the topics (gifts for the boyfriend, for the man, for birthdays, …) that Google Trends has shown us that have a greater projection in the short and / or medium term .


Small compilation of advice, applied to the concrete example of the sale of semi-precious stones on the Internet that I hope will help you increase visits to your business and improve sales.

And you

  • What factors do you take into account when selling online?
  • What advice would you give to the one who is starting?
  • Do you know any tool that helps to evaluate the competition?
  • How would you increase visits to a website?

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