Get the location (or path) of the pendrive

Get the location or path of the pendriveHow it’s turning into something recursive must explain in various articles the form of know the path to pendrive I have chosen to add this entry to serve as a reference to the procedure, avoiding having to repeat unnecessary explanations.

I include it within the category of tools for the same reason that I have commented in the previous paragraph: it is something that we will have to use multiple times and therefore it will become a tool that we must know because it will be useful to us frequently.

The “simplest” way is

    1. Puncture the pendrive so that the system show us where you have mounted itadministradorarchivosthve3
    2. Throw from the terminal the command mount filtering (thanks to grep) for the Name given by the system when mounting it (note that in the command grep I have put the same name as the folder associated with the pendrive (DISK_IMG) seen in the previous step)terminalobtenerdirectorkj2

As can be seen in the example, the route Of the device it is / dev / sdb1 and has been mounted on / media / DISK_IMG.

If you don’t have many devices connected can serve you just throwr mount in the terminal and searching until you find your device 😉

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