Get router MAC address in Linux

obtenerdireccionmacroutpg6Have you never needed lto your router’s MAC address? (for you team just throw a ifconfig 🙂)

The other day, installing the hot setup from my network connection I needed it and the truth is that it took me some time to find information about it to Ubuntu Y Linux in general.

That is why I have chosen to include here the way to do it so much for wifi routers as for the cable connections in case anyone needs it.

WIFI routers

This case is the simplest because Enough with throw a

iwlist eth1 scan

EYE: Replace eth1 with your Wireless card (or wireless)

Along with the Wi-Fi networks detected will tell you the MAC address of wireless access point.

WIRED routers

NOTE: Sorry to use the Anglicism but, “cabling”I think it’s too ugly a translation 😦

Must install in the team the package net-tools via Synaptic Or the terminal

sudo apt-get install net-tools

Once installed we execute from terminal a

arp -a | grep

EYE: the IP adress it’s mine Gateway, change it as appropriate in each case. If you don’t know which one is yours, all you have to do is launch a


I hope they are from utility the exposed methods to obtain the router MAC address both in networks wireless What wired.

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