Free video editors on Gnu / Linux

the best video editors for linux

It is good to know the free tools that are at our disposal to work on video editing. This will be a presentation of the editors that I know and work on Gnu / Linux.

I know there are many more but I can’t rate applications that I don’t know 😉



Is he gorgeous video editor of the KDE desktop environment, but can be installed in any other environment.

For its installation it is enough to launch a

sudo apt-get install kdenlive

But to have the latest stable version it is best visit their website.

If we do not use a kde environment and we see that some sections come out in English to have the application in Spanish at 100% We must have installed the kde Spanish language library called: kde-l10n-es

In Debian-based environments (ubuntu and derivatives) this library can be easily installed from the terminal with a simple:

sudo apt-get install kde-l10n-es

On its website we have a complete user manual in several languages, including Spanish (although some sections are not fully translated, nowadays this should not be a problem with the great online translators that we have available)

  • Has tools of advanced editing.
  • It has a very versatile title assistant.

Although it does not have an audio mixer, it has a magnificent volume effect that can be applied to each track with the possibility of animating to vary the intensity of the volume over time.

  • It has a monitor with clip trimming tools.
  • Some effects and filters can be animated.
  • Good transitions.
  • Capture Wizard for stop motion.
  • Very effective and easy-to-use Image Slideshow Wizard.
  • Good tools image and sound analysis.

You have the option to be able to download new presets and they are automatically installed in your configuration folder and these are accessible without the need to restart the application.

My opinion is that this editor is a little gem for its simplicity of use, very intuitive and ideal for basic projects, but with the ability to work perfectly in more advanced and complex projects since it has very good tools, transitions, effects and filters for this purpose . We can be editing videos like a pro without having to be. A very good choice.



Advanced video editor and very versatile since version 1.14, available in Ubuntu repositories and derivatives since version 16.04. In older distributions you can download the .deb installer from the developer page.

Ideal for any type of video montage, for advanced projects requires a knowledge base of the environment and audiovisual editing. This should not discourage people who are beginning or are not dedicated to the audiovisual world, since for basic editing jobs it can be a very good choice and little by little to enter more advanced editions.

It has a monitor with clip trimming tools.

Almost all of its tools can be handled with keyboard shortcuts; these are indicated when we put the mouse cursor over them.

It has the filters and effects for video and audio most common and essential in this type of software. Being a program in constant development, in each version these are increasing and improving; some of them can be animated allowing the effect to vary over time.

  • An excellent composer for layered tracks with the possibility of animation.
  • Simple title wizard that combined with the composer allows you to do wonders.
  • Audio mixer for general control; to animate the volume, if required, use the volume filter on the desired track.

Effects from Gimp’s GMIC library can be used and it has an assistant for this purpose with an exporter to an image or video sequence to attach to our project.

My opinion is a magnificent video editor, which has a very good development progress and which little by little will be able to perfectly supply professional editors.

Its interface is very simple and intuitive, which smooths the learning curve. Ideal for any type of project, be it basic or advanced.



Excellent professional video editor fully functional in Gnu / Linux.

Its free version offers everything we need for video editing, if it is required to use it 100% we will have to pay a user license (for more information visit their website).

Knowing that there are certain restrictions regarding professional applications in the field of video editors, I found it interesting to cite this one. Although I would only buy a license if what the free version offers me is not enough.

To install it we must download the deb or rpm file from their web page and, in order to use the application for free (after a 7-day trial) we must register; a simple procedure that only requires an email, a username and a password.

Although its interface is very personal and exclusive, it is designed to be intuitive and effective, and it is. Although it is an application with which we can make a simple video, it requires a basic knowledge of the audiovisual world to get the most out of it.

All the parameters of the effects and filters can be animated and it has presets for certain tasks that save us some work if we need them.

On your website There are many tutorials and help files, all of them in English, although in the documentation section (within downloads) we can find some PDF documents translated into Spanish. At the moment they are from an older version but they can be a good starting point.

It allows us to export in HD 720; For higher resolutions we need the paid PRO version, but for home videos or to upload to YouTube the resolution of 720 is more than enough.

My opinion it is a magnificent video editor with which we can do good work with its free version. Although it has advanced editing tools, this should not discourage us if we do not have technical knowledge since these can be acquired little by little with the use of said application. To work at an amateur level, the free version is more than enough.

Last conclusions

We no longer fear an excuse to edit our videos under our favorite operating system, since we have very good tools for this purpose.

For projects, from basic to complex and advanced, we have two very powerful options such as Kdenlive Y Flowblade that we can even use at the same time taking advantage of the best virtues of each one according to our needs.

And to work professionally we have the payment option of Lightworks (although the free version already goes a long way).

In future posts I will be doing some tasks with each of the editors mentioned so that we can get to know how to work with each one.

It will be a pleasure for you to do use of comments to indicate any suggestion, doubt, or whatever comes to mind, for example, if there is something you would like to do and you do not know how, since from the doubt or need of a person we can all learn 👍

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