Free Software sucks


Those of you who know me know that I defend and promote Free Software wherever I go:

  • Linux Install Fest every Christmas at the institute where I work.
  • Forum to support those who bet on Linux as an operating system.
  • This blog to share my experiences and discoveries.
  • Praise for the virtues of this operating system in the classes I teach (even if they are not Computer Science;))
  • Talks every time I find someone protesting the latest failure that “his” Windows has given him (I do not miss the opportunity to attract new “followers” to this philosophy of life).
  • Others that I don’t even remember but that I sure do …

Well, for once and, without serving as a precedent … they have left me without arguments in favor of Linux as the standard of this paradigm and of the Open Source programs that exist on the different platforms.


I was last weekend chatting with my brothers (who have “sucked” this computing thing with me since we were children and with whom I fought to be the one who tapped the computer on television without having to share its use during a while) when I asked one of them how he was doing with the Mac OS that he had installed in his laptop (which I affectionately call the “poor Machintosh”).

He had been trying for centuries to get him to try another operating system other than Microsoft’s and he considered it good that he had chosen to install Mac Os (despite being much more restrictive and exclusive than Windows) as it was a Linux “disguised” with a nice packaging and very good marketing from Steve and his henchmen.

The idea was to encourage my third brother (who had just bought a new laptop) to remove Microsoft Windows (preferably by installing Linux on it) as he had heard the owner of the poor Machintosh say on occasion how happy he was with it. change and the “disgust” it gave him to have every time he had to use a “window” (too bad he had not opted for GNU / Linux in any of its “flavors”!).

Capital surprise

Which was not my surprise when the conversation degenerated (against all odds) in how lousy Linux was and the crap of programs out there for it.

The origin of this statement is that the reason why he switched to Mac was that he was looking for a program for video editing and in the end, after n-hundred problems with Adobe Premier on Windows (hangs, slowness, … does it sound like you? ) was looking in the free world and none of them convinced him because it was too basic or too complex in its use (it seems that he did not find the middle ground).

How I tried unsuccessfully to return him to the “fold”

After recriminating him for not having asked me previously, I chose to list some of the ones he knew (go ahead, I’m not very fond of this type of task so it is possible that you know some better … in that case I would appreciate a reference to them;) ): Kino Y Cinelerra.

NOTE: Too bad I didn’t come across before LiVES because it really looks great (haven’t tried it, any comments on that?)

He told me that he had already tried them and that they did not meet his needs by any means. That he preferred Final cut studio It was fancy, it had a lot of cool effects and it was the one most used for those things.

Ataco listing the advantages of Free Software

After his comment he went directly to the attack and there was no way to stop it.

After enduring some verbal blows (which I will not reproduce here so as not to leave stones that can be used as ammunition to fans of the dark side) I took advantage of a pause to counter with the proven advantages of Open Source:

  1. What if on the server side they are the most used.
  2. What if there are large projects like Apache, MySql, OpenOffice, …
  3. That you don’t have to hack anything and be treated like a criminal for it.
  4. What if it is one of the most stable operating systems.
  5. What if MacOS (the “posh” linux) is based on it.
  6. What if until Microsoft has Linux servers.
  7. That if it has a large community behind it.
  8. That if you have access to the source code and therefore you can both know what and how it does it (if you have programming notions, of course).
  9. What if there are programs for anything you want to do with a computer.
  10. What if the big ones Animation companies use Linux servers.
  11. Many others that I imagine he did not hear 🙂

The final blow

When he thought he had him cornered against the ropes, he delivered a blow that I did not see coming:

Ok, that’s all very good but there is not a single program that is worth it.

The day that “real” companies and not four “freakies” start making their programs for Linux, I install it and that’s it.

Thus, almost without seeing him coming, when I thought I had defeated my adversary with the string of blows that I had dealt him, it was when I kissed the canvas.

I ran out of arguments against

  1. He did not care about the benefits of Linux.
  2. He only cared about programs and could not find any that were “good” enough or that could compete with commercial software.
  3. If a really good program appeared, I would pirate it and that’s it (it would bring the license rolls and the intellectual property to the “hool”).

Licking my wounds

In the end, neither an operating system nor free software (regardless of running on Windows), what matters are the programs and, although there are many good ones in the world of open source, the average user does not care.

The feeling it caused me is that at this rate and with this mentality we will not only have to “apologize” for not having games on Linux but we will also have to do so for not having an Adobe Acrobat (and I’m not talking about the Reader) or a Nokia Pc-Suite (to give a couple of examples).

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