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 cheap online press release and press release serviceRecently an acquaintance, for work reasons, asked me if I knew of a simple (and inexpensive) way to disseminate a series of press releases that were generated in the office where he works.

As I was not put on the subject (but I am curious by nature) I began to look around the Internet discovering the existence of the TusMedios website.

Broadly speaking, not only does it allow you to be aware of current news that is produced, but it also becomes a useful tool when it comes to exploiting the news generated by the activity of any company.

TusMedios is constituted as a service totally gratuitous (although there is a version premium) from which power to distribute the news generated by the communication department (which is used by many medium and large companies). In this way, and thanks to the publication of the contents in multiple directories of Press releases greater and better dissemination of the products, services and news produced by our business is achieved.

To this publication it should be added that they are in charge of managing its dissemination on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, …) which allows professionals, who do not have the necessary human and financial resources, to multiply the result of their investment.

Likewise, for those of us who limit ourselves to consume information, we find the possibility of consulting, in a single site, news of various kinds: sports, culture, economy, … and sources (press, radio, television) that can become an interesting alternative when our news reader runs out of syndicated content or We have given Google News “three times” 😉

As the news is based on different sources, it allows us to get a more faithful image of reality by allowing us to compare different points of view, which is appreciated by not having to be looking for the same news in different media to to contrastlas (if you read the ABC or the Country only, you know what to expect)

Jacob, from here I wish you that this online service is useful to you and that you have good luck with the new “initiative” (when you try the service you will tell us how the experience with TusMedios)

If anyone knows of a similar service, feel free to share it with the Community to expand possibilities and knowledge.

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