Five years together!

New achievement in WordPressLast week I received, as an “achievement”, a notification from WordPress stating that the Computer Officer on Duty had been on “air” for 5 years!

That June 2008 I published, as an article, a declaration of intent that, to this day, with small variations due to the “digivolution” of my person) remain intact.

I remember the beginnings in which, fortunately, 4 or 5 people deigned to read those first articles I published (we didn’t even talk about the comments because they took time to appear;)) and the encouragement and advice that more experienced bloggers deigned to give me (thanks for giving experience)

I remember taking advantage of the summer holidays to get up early (I would even put the alarm clock) and start writing the two daily articles that I published! before family activity prevented me from sitting in front of the keyboard.

To this day, without being by any means, one of the best known blogs in the world of Linux and Free Software, I am fortunate to have the company of faithful “parishioners” who visit me continuously giving me their opinions and encouraging me to continue this rewarding work.

For all this I just wanted to thank you and tell you that things have to change a lot, to stop publishing for the next 5 years? 🙂

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