Filter unread emails in GMail

filtradogmailmi6If you are one of those who leave unread emails as a way to easily identify them from the rest instead of using labels or GreaseMonkey scripts for this, surely you miss one way to access easily to them without must review the complete list.

One of the things I like the most (of a long list) about Google mail is the possibility of surf easily through the list of mails using pagination what includes


But of course when we have opened post randomly is useless as we are forced to reread things that we have already seen and that are of no interest.

In order to fix it nothing better to do use of search filters (another feature you’ll love when you get the hang of it) that includes our post manager (I hope you are not using Hotmail at this point due to the security problems it includes).

With to write is: unread and press the button Look for, the mailing list will be limited to all those that have not been opened, being able to use pagination comfortably avoiding unnecessary work.

A little trick that I hope will help you love this fantastic email service a little more every day.

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