FBI: If you are a victim of Crypto Ransomware PAY!

FBI If you are a victim of Crypto Ransomware PAY

For some time now, Crypto ransomware malware has been dedicated to encrypting files on your computer (it does not waste time encrypting the entire hard drive, only your work and important files).

The FBI has recently recommended that victims of such attacks simply pay because, according to them, they have no opportunity to recover their information.

If we go further still … I would say nor paying, you may get your information back.

If you want my recommendation …

I would advise you to make backup (on a separate device) of your most important data in case it were the case.

The advice is the usual one but, not for that reason, it ceases to be valid.

The job is the same as always: if you have to manually, it is not donee so find a way to automate your backups.

If you want to know more details of the “patochá” commented by the FBI, I recommend you consult the original news.

And you…

  1. ¿How about the FBI recommendation?
  2. ¿You make copies security with some frequency?
  3. Do you have automatetwo your backups?
  4. What software would you recommend?

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