Easily create lists of values ​​in Google Forms

improved google forms

There are already several colleagues whom I have “surprised” in what we have been in the course, creating Google forms with lists of student names (tutors who want to use them to request information from the rest of the educational team especially).

So far, everything normal, the problem comes when you see them writing, one by one, the names and surnames of their “pupils” which is no longer normal (and unnecessary) especially considering that we can obtain such information so much Seneca (web application used in the Ministry of Education for, among other things, the academic management of students) as well as the n-hundred spreadsheets that we usually use.

Here you have a trick to create selection lists (multiple or not) without must to write the values ​​to show … I hope it will be useful to you

All you have to do is find the list of values ​​that you want to include in the form and copy them to the clipboard.

An example is a spreadsheet with 11 students

create student list

We select them and copy them to the clipboard.

We go to Google Forms and, after indicating how we want to display said list of values ​​(single or multiple selection, drop-down list, grid, …)

improved form controls

We select the text box where the first value must be entered

insert lists of values ​​in google formsand we paste the list of students (or whatever “third” that you have copied on the clipboard) on the form.

paste values ​​into a google form

Clever! We already have our students loaded in “zero comma” and without disheveled. Useful, don’t you think? 😉


Simple and fast way to include lists of values ​​in the google forms without must key and taking advantage of the information that we surely have in other documents.

And you…

  • Did you know that Google Forms allows paste lists of values?
  • Have you ever used it?
  • Do you know of any other unintuitive tricks with Google products? 😏

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