[DLNA] Video streaming to Android tablet

watch movies on android mobileWould you like to be able to access the multimedia content of the hard drive of your computer or NAS directly from your tablet? How would you like to see a movie directly or listen to your collection of mp3s without having to record them on a pendrive or transfer them to the memory of your mobile or portable device? Would you like to use the tablet as a digital photo frame?

Tired dthe gift What does it mean to have to copy the movie that my wife wanted to see on the pendrive and the limitation of 8GB of capacity that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has (one day I will investigate why it is because it is not normal, has someone solved it?) that It prevents me from directly using the 2.5 ″ external hard drive that I use for the movies. I chose to transmit, via Wi-Fi, the movies.

It is not new or difficult but I wanted to record the Android programs that have worked best for me, leaving the door open to your suggestions (which I promise to try) and advice.

DLNA server

In the computer in which we have the resources to share I have chosen, following the Albert Alonso recommendation (thanks compi), for use uShare that works perfectly and is, even if it fits, a lot easier to configure than miniDLNA.

uShare is responsible for offering DLNA service in the GeexBox project and, frankly, just by indicating the directory (s) to share (and a name for your team) you have it working without problems (the configuration is in the /etc/ushare/ushare.conf)

  • Which of the two do you like the most?
  • Do you recommend the program that you use?

Android Client

Software used

On the tablet I have installed two programs:

  1. BubbleUPnP to locate the DLNA server and browse the resources it shares
  2. MX Player Codec (ARMv7) As a multimedia player since, the one that comes by default, did not work well for me (too many jumps in the playback)


The only change I have had to make is to modify the way to decode the streaming video so that the playback does not stop every time the video buffer was empty.

Enter the program settings and activate the following options

set tablet movie player

if everything is ok you should see the following message while playing the movie

check tablet video settings

NOTE: the icon on the right is the MX Player configuration icon (in case you didn’t find it in the previous step;))


Cocktail of programs that will allow you to watch movies by streaming directly on your Android tablet without having to worry about previously preparing the movies or songs that you would like to use.

For me it’s over travel as a tourist to the office to copy the movie that my wife wants to see on the pendrive 😉

And you

  • What programs do you use?
  • Do you use your tablet or mobile to watch movies?
  • Do you think it is interesting and / or do you use the DLNA protocol at home?

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