Default router key

Default router keyFor those who have never had to access the configuration of your router it is likely that the username and password are genuine unknown.

It is usually sent to us by the internet access provider (or we buy it in the corner store) and the box together with the documentation, after spending a few weeks with us collecting dust on top of a closet, endsn in the trash.

The time has come to have to configure the router: enable wep / wpa / wpa2 encryption, open ports in order to speed up the emule download, enable remote connection, … we discovered that we are missing such information and we can no longer get it back.

Although performing abinternet search it is most likely that we will find the username and password necessary to connect with our router, there is service very nice that contains this information for a wide variety of devices.

The web is RouterPasswords and simply selecting the manufacturer of our device (DLink, 3Com, BMC, Comtrend, Linksys, …) will appear all of his models together with factory passwords.

Importance of changing the default password

Especially when you have a Fixed IP (although lately it is not usual there are quite a few cases); the reason is that anyone who knows your External IP could connect with the router Y, using the default username and password (which many people leave as they were due to ignorance or laziness) take control of the same (open ports, change the configuration, …)

I forgot the password that I put in the router

Sometimes the problem is that we have forgotten the password we entered when we installed our equipment; this is easy to fix Enoughing puncture a few seconds on him reset button (a pin is ideal) that usually include the vast majority of routers.

With this operation, the password will return to the one that originally came from the factory and, thanks to the RouterPasswords website, we will be able to access the device.

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