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If I did a ranking Of the drawbacks that the institute in which I have been working for the last five years has been given to Linux (assuming that Guadalinex Edu can be called that) and to Free Software in general, without a doubt the palm would be taken by the OpenOffice’s math formula editor is worse than that of Microsoft Word.

Go ahead:

  1. I am not mathematical (even if it has a solid foundation)
  2. I ask little to a formula editor (enough to cover my needs)
  3. I consider that for those purposes there are more interesting solutions (What Latex which is the one used in theses, theses and any publication in the Faculty)
  4. with what OpenOffice Math brings leftover for edit notes and exercises in a Institute Secondary and Baccalaureate

Today I am going to remove a thorn that I had nailed and that is that to date I had not been able to answer colleagues from the Mathematics department how to create systems of equations with the formula editor and unsurprisingly, it is possible!

To obtain the following system of linear equations


we must write in the formula editor

alignr left none stack {{y + 2x + 3z = -9} # {2y + 4x + 5z = -7} # {-5x-6y-z = -1}} right rbrace

where the really interesting thing is

  1. stack {{..} # {..}} being able to place as many pads (#) as equations we want to include.
  2. left none that allows us to indicate that we do not want (none) the left key appears.
  3. right rbrace to display the key on the right.

As a curiosity

  1. alignr it is for the equations to appear half decent (correctly aligned) but it is totally optional.

Modifications to the original idea

If we want to place the key on the left instead of the right


all we have to do is

  1. change the left none for left lbrace
  2. and the right rbrace for right none

The formula would be as follows

alignr left lbrace stack {{y + 2x + 3z = -9} # {2y + 4x + 5z = -7} # {-5x-6y-z = -1}} right none


Thanks to Encarni Gomez (interim of mathematics to which I could not resolve the question of how to do it) because one morning in the staff room he put me on the track by asking me about the subject when I had already used the primitive stack.

She chose to hand paint the wrench But it laid the groundwork for me to take up this topic again and discover the solution.

Thanks Encarni.

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