Create keyboard shortcuts in Firefox

nullAfter finding a nice way to bypass the temporary restriction of Megaupload (temporary restriction) that requires performing a series of steps in Firefox I have started to investigate if there is any way to define key combinations (here keyboard shortcuts or shortcuts) that would simplify me work and, incidentally, allowed me to download files in a faster way.

Fortunately, and how could it be otherwise, there is a way to associate shortcuts to any browser option in a simple way and, how could it be otherwise, I wanted to share it with all of you.

Plugin installation

There is a nice addon for Firefox known as keyconfig that allows you to configure a combination of keys for each browser menu option.

Installation is as simple as click on the following link and accept the installation of the plugin.

Configure keyboard shortcuts

Once installed, just access the plugin settings


and indicate, for any of the actions that appear, the desired key combination (don’t forget to press the button Apply before closing the configuration window;))


To know more

If someone is interested in delving into the use (and enjoy) of this interesting (and useful) tool, I recommend read the following link.

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