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online image converter svg png jpg gifA long time ago we explained how to convert any photograph to vector format using Inkscape.

These days we have been creating some graphic design tasks (among many other things) and as the result with Inkscape It did not convince us, I remembered that, on one occasion I used a certain web service to convert my avatar (that Pocoyo playing with the laptop whose cover appears Free Software and Linux stickers;)) to vector format and we gave it a try.

As the Web Application It has been useful again (because of how easy it is to use and the quality of the image generated) I have decided to share it with all of you in case someone else needs convert images with too many colors (photographs)

If you dedicate yourself to graphic design and / or professional layoutMind you, you will tell me how it went and / or if you use other tools or similar web pages (Adobe Fireworks is not an alternative;))

The tool

It is a free, simple and easy-to-use website: Online Image2SVG converter by MobileFish.

All you have to do is click on the previous link and select the file to convert to SVG.

Then it offers you both to view the result and to download the vectorized image

img2svg conversion tool online


The size of the files is limited at 100 KB which, although it is somewhat reduced, is more than enough for the conversion of any logo or small image.

In my case it was insufficient but the solution it is so easy to convert the image from png to jpg and reduce the quality of the resulting image by 5%. The loss was minimal and I managed to go from 980KB to just over 90KB.


Simple and useful tool that will allow you to quickly and intuitively convert any image and / or photograph without complications and respecting the colors it may have.

If anyone knows of any tool (web or desktop) that allows you to do the same, a comment would be appreciated so that we can all try it 😉

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