Connect to the Internet statically without DHCP with Ubuntu Linux

routerdhcphp7After study how set up the Internet connection with WEP and WPA / WPA2 we will focus on the configuration of the file / etc / network / interfaces to be able to establish a connection to a router that does not make use froml service DHCP to assign the addresses IP nor the servers of domain DNS.

Although office environments It is widely used to facilitate the configuration and maintenance of the computer stations, in small networks with a known, fixed and limited number of computers it is even recommended (for safety and speed) no make use of the same.

If this is you situation in this article we will explain how to configure you team GNU / Linux adequately.

The procedure is really simple: Enough with follow the steps indicated in the configuration of the Wi-Fi connection with a router through wep unless you have to modify some data in the configuration file / etc / network / interfaces.

car it

iface it inet loopback

iface eth1 inet static

car eth1


  1. On Red I have marked the IP you want to assign to the team and DNS that you is indicated you supplier
  2. On blue is the network card to use, in the example eth1 which corresponds to the card Wifi of my team, indicates the yours (eth0, eth1, wlan0, …) but make sure to change it in both places
  3. It is also possible that you had to change the values ​​of the gateway Y broadcast if the IPs from you local network are not typical 192.168.1.XX

With this should to be more than enough to be able connect to the internet without using the service DHCP.

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