Connect the mobile to Wi-Fi automatically without entering passwords

 automatic connection of the mobile phone to the wifi networkFor some time now I have been playing to change the ROM of my Nexus One in search of the definitive Android version and, the worst thing I have is having to enter the key of the wifi network continuously (copy data, calls and SMS messages I have already more than overcome;))

Fortunately I have found a solution that will avoid me having to type the password (and it is not the file with the password on the memory card of the mobile that I had been using until now, hehe) with each change in android version And, as I have found it very interesting, I have decided to share it with all of you in case it is useful to you.

The only downside is that seems to work only with android, so iPhone, BlackBerry and similar users could be “out of print”. It occurs to me that a variation of the solution could be used; I will tell you when the time comes and you will tell me if it has served you 😉

Barcodes to the “rescue”

Thanks to Aaron Toponce, I find that the folks at ZXing have developed, based on the meCard format, a specification to be able to automatically configure Wifi connection simply by scanning with your mobile device a QR Code with the syntax that they propose and that follows the syntax WIFI: T: WPA; S: mynetwork; P: mypass ;; where

how to link the mobile to my wifi router

QR code reader

The Barcode Scanner program usually comes with most Android ROMs, if this is not your case, you can always

  1. download it directly from the Market from Android or
  2. take it from your own ZXing page.

program to read barcodes on android

Online QR code generator

To simplify the creation of the QR code I recommend use the following online tool where you will only have to enter the data of your connection

online qr codes generator

Remember select the value “Wifi Network” as the type of QR code (as can be seen in the upper part of the previous screenshot)

Now alone you remains Print the barcode and stick it under the router so it is always at hand.

Phones without Android

For those of you who do not have an Android mobile I recommend simply generate a QR code with the password Secret? of your wifi; in this way, even if you have to register the Wi-Fi you will not have to type the password (It will be enough to have previously copied it to the clipboard after photographing the code)

In order to generate the barcode You can use the same tool but changing the type of QR code from “Wifi Network” to “Text”

connect the mobile to the wifi without entering the password


From now on there will be no excuses to generate complex passwords (there are many good key generators online) because you will not have to lose your life writing them manually (just point with your mobile and take a picture so that the mobile device is automatically connected to the wifi network;))

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