Configure WEP encryption of Wifi in Ubuntu

Configure WEP encryption of Wifi in UbuntuEven if exist large programs to configure the wifi connection What

sometimes we can’t connect see you obliged to do it “old school” or what is the same, manually modify network settings.

For those who must connect to a router who insists on encrypt using the WEP protocol (which I do not recommend for being publicly famous the way to obtain the key easily and quickly) must:

  1. [OPCIONAL] make a backup of network configuration file (in case something fails or if we want to leave everything as it was after the “experiment”); the most comfortable way to do it is to launch from the terminal

    sudo cp / etc / network / interfaces / etc / network / interfaces_bak

    In order to restore backup we will execute

    sudo cp / etc / network / interfaces_bak / etc / network / interfaces

  2. Modify the file / etc / network / interfaces launching from the terminal

    sudo nano / etc / network / interfaces

    NOTE: I have chosen to use the text editor elder brother to avoid having to indicate the n-hundred solutions that exist based on your windows environment (gedit, mousepad, …); If any of you prefer to use any of them (it is even supported saw 😉) has nothing more to change elder brother by the name of your favorite text editor.

  3. REPLACE the contents of said file by

    car it
    iface lo inet loopback

    iface eth1 inet dhcp
    wireless-key WEP KEY
    wireless-essid NETWORK_NAME

    auto eth1

    Where should we substitute

    1. KEY_WEP by the key used by the wifi router
    2. NETWORK_NAME for the network identifier
  4. Save and exit. With nano it is achieved by pressing CTRL + O and then CTRL + x

East example supposes that the network is configured by DHCP so it is not necessary to indicate IP adress nor DNS; otherwise the content of the file would be as follows

car it
iface lo inet loopback

iface eth1 inet static
wireless-key WEP KEY
wireless-essid NETWORK_NAME



auto eth1

where you should change the values marked in green by those that correspond to your network

NOTE: I have marked in blue the word static so that the change does not pass you

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