Computer scientists are like the Donettes …

if you try filipinos you'll see… Because when they find out that you are, “friends” appear everywhere.

Have I ever told you why the blog is called El Informático on call?!?

Well, yes, it is because of the number of people you know and they invite you to visit them at their house so, taking advantage of the “apology”, you fix whatever comes to mind because, as you know about computers, by force, you have to be able to fix anything: from the Apple mobile (which you hate and you get a rash with the mere contact with its surface), to the video game console (which of course you do not have) or to the microwave in which the button panel has stopped responding from the front 😉

What’s this all about?

Browsing the web of MyTechnic Online (one of our last sponsors) I was struck by the service of remote assistance what are you offering. This service, without being exclusive or novel, made me remember the number of times I visited (and I continue to visit) acquaintances who come to you to solve their problems (although in the end they end up being yours).

Personally, I do not think that I resorted to professionals like them to solve the problems that (one day and the other also), arise (although sometimes I end up so desperate that I almost throw in the towel) but it has made me reconsider and consider the possibility of recommending them the next time someone wants me to fix the computer 😉

I understand that people do not have (nor want) the knowledge that bugs People like us, based on a passion for Computer Science, and dedicating many hours to it (nothing is free in this life) we have acquired; It is easier to commit to the colleague instead of looking for life on our own (for them to search the Internet and document the possible causes of their ills seem incompatible).

The truth is that they offer up three types of voucher that allow you to have access to an experienced technician to solve your doubts and problems (for 10 euros) to set up the PC or a month of technical support (for € 20 or € 50 respectively).

Among the services they offer, it has come to my attention that the voucher includes the data recovery that, as those of you who have suffered it, will know it is something that is priced quite expensive (I say this from experience)


I think that from now on, the next time they come to me with a computer that is slow (with Windows, of course and that I tend not to support even my father-in-law’s) or that has a virus, I will choose to recommend one visit the website of MyTechnic Online that they will be cheaper and they will avoid finding (with amazement) that I have changed the stinky Windows that their computer had for the Linux distribution that, according to the date, is fashionable and / or wants to try 😉

And you…

  • Are you the “head” computer scientist of the neighborhood and / or colleagues?
  • What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to fix for being a “computer scientist”?

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