Change the language of the applications in the terminal

nullSometimes finding the solution to an error that occurs to us means searching the Internet for the solution that someone has found to our problem.

For this, it is usually useful to look for the error returned by the terminal on the web.

But not always “San Google”Find pages where our error appears and it is usually a good idea on these occasions to look for the error message but in English.

Although we can always translate the error message ourselves, the most appropriate thing is to look for it as it appears to someone who speaks the language of Shakespeare.

Fortunately, we can change the language of the applications by modifying the environment variable LANG.

Just launch a

export LANG = C

before executing the command that gives us an error.

NOTE: you can actually change the C to any ISO language code (es_ES, us_US,…). But keep in mind that it will only work if the application you are trying to “translate” includes the locale for the language that you intend to use.

Other apps

We can also use it to change the default language of an application (imagine that you find a tutorial in English and it is more convenient for you to have the application menus to use in that language to locate them more easily).

Imagine you want to open gedit in English; just launch a

export LANG = C; gedit

the screen will show gedit as follows


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