Change root password

Change root passwordWho does not forgot password of the super user? Who has not had to access the computer of a colleague who left the company without leaving keys and users that he used in his team?

Okay, okay … I know it doesn’t work, but I had to try.

Regardless of the use you plan to give this information, in this post I want explainHow to easily access a computer Linux Y become its administrator.

It is outrageously simple but in Windows it’s just as easy once you have the tools suitable 😉


We will only need a Linux live cd.

No matter the distribution, simply by being able to boot with it and have access to a terminal it’s enough 😉


The Steps to follow are the following

  1. Start up the victim team with the livecd.
  2. Mount the partition in which it is installed Linux in the team a hack (if you do it graphically better than better, otherwise you have the command mount to do it and fdisk to try to locate the partition that contains the operating system)
  3. Run from the terminal

    chroot / tmp / disco_linux

    I am assuming that / tmp / disk_linux is the directory you used in step 2 to mount the partition containing Linux

  4. Throw passwd to change the administrator password
  5. Disassemble the partition Linux hacked (to make sure changes are saved)

Now enough with restart the team (removing the live-cd from the reader: P) and you will be able to access as root on that team.

Don’t be mean and use these instructions only in case of extreme necessity.


Remember that it is a intrusive method and that the rightful owner will realize the problem quickly (or should) because he will not be able to use the administrator.

As soon as the owner of the team with a simple

sudo passwd

will put another key so you must repeat the process (I personally don’t recommend it if you don’t want it to get pissed off 😉)

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