Avoid the “triggers” of #Guadalinex

recover desktop guadalinex edu

From time to time and, especially in digital whiteboards (although the endowment laptops are not spared either) to Guadalinex gives for change its esthetic azulona for some ugly (and uncomfortable because of how the interface is without a bottom panel or anything that allows you to change through the desktop touch screen in GNome) black tones.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to recover the usual Guadalinex desktop

If you have come across the typical black stripe (which some attribute to the “accessibility” or high contrast mode)

guadalinex negro

All you have to do is access the Guadalinex Control Center (you have a shortcut in the upper right corner or you can look for it in the GNome dash) and select the option Configure Desktop

guadalinex configurar escritorio

Press the button Restore the default desktop

guadalinex restaurar paneles

and allow me to restart the graphical session (it will not take long to be operational again)

guadalinex reiniciar sesion

When you log in again with your username, you will have the desk from Guadalinex always blue working perfectly 👍

guadalinex azul


Simple way of recover aesthetics (and functionality) Guadalinex regular Especially useful when it stops working on digital whiteboards.

And you…

  • Does it change you frequently Guadalinex the desk “to black?
  • Do you know of an easier way to recover the Guadalinex desktop?
  • Do you know why this failure is due?

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