Avoid GMail account theft

Avoid GMail account theftWe can use GMail almost for all: store files, save bookmarks, chat, mature ideas, jot down things so they don’t forget and even send and receive emails 🙂.

What if a good day you checked with horror that you username and password do not work?

I imagine it could give us a syncope (me the first)

In order to try to avoid it, the guys at Google have come up with an idea and put it into practice.

It has been working for a long time but until recently I had not realized that it was there (that happens to me for not joining the Google blog 🙂) and it is likely that the same thing has happened to many of you

Well yes, fair at the foot of your mail can you see if your email account has been left open on any other computer that you have recently gone through or if, on the contrary someone has taken your password and is leafing through your correspondence.

To avoid unnecessary walks, and the occasional displeasure, it includes the possibility of log off remotely without moving from our chair: to do this, click on the Details link that appears on the right and close that session to the email that is not appropriate.

It is not that it is the definitive solution to the problem (you may not realize if you have n-hundred emails and the information is very low or that you are not in front of Gmail when someone is snooping) but it is one more element to take into account.

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