Avoid error recovery in Firefox

Although useful, when our team it is used by multiple people (for example in a cyber coffee or if we use the computer of a friend and / or relative) it may be inadvisable that he browser recover automatically the last pages we have visited.

The case more typical is to have open our count of mail and that the browser closes automatically; as someone open Firefox and answer that you want to restore the last session you will find our email account open willing to be snooped or change the password.

To avoid situations like this is where this advice can be useful.

In you Ubuntu Linux With your username and password (which only you should know) there should be no problems but it never hurts to know how protect our privacy of curious glances like the ones mentioned above.

To avoid automatic recovery, all we have to do is to write about:config in the navigation bar

Y to write in the search box browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash, actually, with writing summarizes_ It is more than enough.

put the value to false (just do double click about the entrance)


And ready to be used: the browser will not ask again if you want restore a previous session and with it our privacy is guaranteed.

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