Associate aMule ed2k links with Firefox on Linux

Associate aMule ed2k links with Firefox onRecently my friend Miguel Ángel (alias dolz_6) asked me through technical support how to configure Firefox on Ubuntu for eMule to recognize the protocol ED2K; Although there are many references in this regard on the Internet, I have chosen to create this entry for those you may need.

The difference with respect to other inputs is that with this solution will open aMule if it is not running while the ones that exist out there simply add the links to the P2P client waiting for the user to open the “donkey” to start their download.


Since Synaptic (wave terminal for those who prefer it) install amule-utils

sudo apt-get install amule-utils

This package allows, among other things, manage ed2k links


On Firefox open address about: config

Create a new entry (right click on some blank space in the window) of type logical to which we will assign

  • Name network.protocol-handler.external.ed2k
  • Value true

To create entry of type text

  • Name
  • Value ~ /

Final touch

Create a file of text (to which you owe give execute permissions and callit with the following content

#! / bin / bash

/ usr / bin / ed2k $ 1
/ usr / bin / amule

If you prefer you can download it from here but… once again, don’t forget to give it execute permissions.

IMPORTANT This file must be copied to your user directory, if you place it somewhere else remember to change it in the text type entry that we put in the chain

If you have put it in the /home/user/apps/scripts/ folder the value of will be

~ / apps / scripts /

NOTE Remember that ~ is equivalent to your $ HOME directory (in the example / home / user)


If you have followed all the steps correctly (instead of typing the strings manually, copy and paste to avoid typos) you should be able to automatically load into your aMule any ed2k link that you find on the net simply by clicking on it.

By way of example on the following website you will find ed2k links click on one of those you have and enjoy a job well done.

EYE: I do not know how long the link will be available because I have not seen that website in my life and I do not know how long they keep the “information”, if someone has problems with it, give me a touch and we will put another one

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