Advanced searches in WordPress

how to find any article in wordpressThe one who most and the least will have observed the categories and tags of WordPress blogs.

A few know how urls are formed to be able to access articles that include a certain tag or category, filtering the rest.

But, would you know how to filter the content of a blog using various labels or categories at the same time?

You’d know to combine the filter above with the ability to search for any word in the article content?

Well, that is precisely the question that arose the other day when I started looking for an article on the blog and, as much as I tried, there was no way it would appear among so many publications

Basic searches

Lets start by the beginning: distinguish the different elements (searches, tags and categories)

And for this, nothing better than observing the following screenshot

search elements in wordpress;  tricks to fine-tune the results

Suppose we want to find:

  1. Items under a certain category We will use urls of the type
  2. Publications with certain hashtag the url will be
  3. Entries containing certain text (search) we will use

Multiple searches

To search for articles that belong to several types at the same time, we only have to separate the terms from each other using the + sign.

In this way we seek

  1. Categories: with
  2. Labels same but changing the keyword
  3. Certain text we will use as the web address

Combined searches

If we want to search for articles that contain certain text and are cataloged with several categories or tags, we must compose the web address as follows


Different ways to combine search criteria in WordPress that will facilitate your work when it comes to locating the articles that interest you within a blog.

I remind you that a long time ago we discussed a trick to configure the Google Chrome search engines that will simplify simple searches; It is not as powerful but it is a very useful tool that will speed up your searches from the browser and will avoid having to remember the syntax that we must follow when composing web addresses 😉

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